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Each of us needs to learn how to establish and navigate our career if we want to keep moving forward in life. However, with so many opportunities available online and elsewhere, and so much information to assist us, it's hard to know where to start or how to proceed. That's why candidates from over 100 leading colleges and universities and 50 different career paths turned to us to help them develop the tools and skills for career search success.



American University

Appalachian State University

Boston College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Bucknell University
Brown University

Carnegie Mellon University

City University of Hong Kong

Colby College

Colgate University
College of Charleston

College of the Holy Cross

The College of Westchester

The Culinary Institute of America
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Columbia University
Cornell University
Claremont McKenna Colleges
Dartmouth College

Denison University

Denver University

Dickinson College
Duke University

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ESADE Business School

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Georgetown University

Gettysburg College

Harvard University
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

John Cabot University

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London School of Economics

Loyola University Maryland

Manhattanville College

Macquarie University
McGill University

Miami University
Middlebury College
New York University
Norwich University

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Oberlin College

Ohio University

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Pace University

Parsons School of Design

Princeton University
Purchase College

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Sarah Lawrence College

Skidmore College

Sorbonne Université

Southern Methodist University
Stanford University
Syracuse University
Texas Tech University

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The Ohio State University
Trinity College

Tufts University
Tulane University
University of Albany

University of Cape Town
University of California, Davis

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University of Denver
University of Colorado

University of Guadalajara

University of Maryland
University of Miami
University of Maine
University of Michigan

University of New South Wales
University of Notre Dame

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University of Oxford
University of Pittsburgh
University of Richmond
University of Rochester

University of the Sunshine Coast

University of Southern California

University of Tampa

University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, San Antonio
University of Vermont
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University
Villanova University
Wake Forest University

Wells College
Williams College
Yale University


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University of Virginia
"Anne was extremely helpful in creating a professional and concise resume for my post-collegiate job search. She put in the necessary time to learn about my current role and help me choose the right elements to highlight in my resume. I do not think I would have gotten the same interviews without Anne's help!"
   — M. E. 

University of Albany
"Thanks to your tremendous help on my resume, I've landed three internships this semester and am on my way to landing another one this summer. If it wasn't for your help last summer, I don't know where I'd be. I see so many of my friends with resumes that don't look nearly as good as mine. I have you to thank for making my resume look as good as it does."
   — W. H.

Harvard University
"Anne was both patient and creative in helping me re-do my college resume. She worked to help me craft it so that it better highlighted my work experience and skills in a thoughtful and well-organized manner. When I used my new resume to apply to my latest job, my colleagues stated it stood out and even asked if they could use it as a template to re-do their own. I am proud of my resume, and think it represents the hard work I have put into academic studies and professional work."
   — A. B.

George Washington University
"I first started working with Anne on my high school resume to apply to colleges. Throughout my college career, Anne helped me modify my resume to apply for internships and ultimately score a full-time job in investment banking. I was amazed at how Anne was able to help me identify my skills and accomplishments and guide me on how to present them on my resume, making me much more self-confident when applying for positions. Anne is truly a business writing architect and master of her craft!"
   — L. P.

Texas Tech University
"I was introduced to Anne by my business mentor. As a Native Spanish speaker and Mexican-American, I am the first generation of my family to attend college. Prior to being introduced to Anne, I was clueless and had no true guidance as to what was the correct manner to create a resume, resume supplement, portfolio, and go about the interview process. Although I have received a top education while pursuing a B.S. in Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University, I was not at all familiar with how to go about looking for my first professional job. I am very thankful to Anne for all of her help."
   — J. M.

St. Lawrence University 
"Thank you again for helping me with my resume. I learned so much from you, and I feel that I now have a resume that is a better representation of who I am as a person, and the skills that I possess!"  
   — A. M.

Miami University
"I got the internship at Major League Baseball! The resume you helped me write without question contributed to my success. Thank you so much."
   — K. T.

Miami University
"Anne helped me review my resume and offered great suggestions for improvement. She pays strong attention to detail and is able to refine information in a way that makes all the difference. I got the sales and marketing job at NBC Universal that I was going for."
   — K. T.

Wake Forest University
"Anne was very easy to work with. Using only emails, she helped me to re-write my resume. She was very thorough, and I was very happy with my final resume, and I got the summer internship with Citigroup that I wanted!"
   — M. B.

Wake Forest University
"I wanted to send you an email to say hello and that I have been thinking of you! I got offered a job at Memorial Sloan Kettering working as a research assistant in their clinical trials! Thanks for all your inspiring words and advice!"
   — J. I.

Princeton University 
"Revising my resume with Anne was immensely helpful. She showed me how to pare down my descriptions so the language was clear and concise. She made structural changes that helped the document have more of a visual impact on a reader. Editing my resume also had the unexpected benefit of making me better prepared to discuss the various roles and responsibilities. I am grateful to Anne for her valuable and actionable advice."  
   — K. N.

Georgetown University
"You are an amazing resume writer! Thank you so much for your help and advice. I received such positive feedback on my resume from friends and family."
   — A. D.

Dartmouth College 
"Anne’s resume overhaul really made a difference in turning my college original into a professionally tailored resume that I was proud to present to others. I had been working as an intern during my junior year of college, when I was presented with the opportunity to apply for a full-time job. My resume was outdated and bland, but I was in a bind to have it ready for my interviews. Anne came to my rescue and worked with me around the clock to produce a new resume. I had realized that I had left so much out that was imperative information to convey during an interview. Throughout our discussions, Anne used her expertise to refine my resume in a professional manner. I received positive feedback on my resume from the interviewer – and I got the job offer! "  
   — P. H.

Colorado College
"My recruiter said I had one of the best-looking and most well-organized resumes that she had ever seen. I actually used the resume that you helped me create to write my LinkedIn profile, and that’s how I got my new job."
   — M. F.

Hobart & William Smith Colleges
"My resume looks amazing. I will really be able to use it to explore a variety of career options. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help."
   — E. F.

Colgate University
"You really pulled my resume together! Thank you so much. Who knew resume writing could be so much fun?" 
   — S. N.

Miami University
"I just wanted to share some good news! I got the recruiting job offer I wanted! Thanks again for all of your help with my resume. Everyone has commented on how good it is."
   — C. F.

College of Charleston
"After Anne helped me re-write my resume and prepare for interviews, I felt very confident in my ability to present my skills and qualifications to potential employers. Her help was extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"
   — E. A.

University of Vermont
"I am so pleased with the excellent job Anne does on my resume year-after-year. The experience of working with her and the quality of resume she produces exceeds my expectations every time. I have received great job offers as a result."
   — P. S.

Dartmouth College
"With only my resume rough draft, a brief phone call, and a few emails, Anne was able to write one of the most effective resumes I have ever read."
   — N. F.

Purchase College
"I love my resumes! Thank you so much!!! Really professional and modern. You're amazing! It was such a pleasure working with you, and I hope we can work together again in the future."
   — L. T.

Miami University
"I am so grateful to Anne for her resume writing expertise. She helped me to present all the right achievements and personal qualities. I am very thankful that I have an excellent resume ready to use at a moment’s notice. I highly recommend Anne for her resume writing and career coaching abilities." 
   — S. I.

Villanova University
"Anne did a great job helping me edit the resume I started working on with college career services. She also helped me to evaluate several different career paths so that I could determine which was the right one for me. She gave me great advice … and I got the job I wanted."
   — M. S.

Bowdoin College
"Anne helped me write my resume and offered great suggestions for improvement. She pays attention to details and is able to edit information in a way that makes all the difference."
   — D. V.

University of Texas, San Antonio
"I really appreciate everything you did for me. The resumes turned out better than I could have ever imagined."  
   — E. W.

Culinary Institute of America
”Thank you so much Anne for working on the resume with me. It wouldn’t be as nice as it is now without your help!"
   — B. M. 

High School Student 
"The resumes look awesome! I especially love the profile statement wording. Thanks so much!" 
   — C. D.

George Washington University
"I got my resume. Thank you so much. It looks so much better!!!"
   — H. N. 

University of Virginia
"My resume looks FANTASTIC! I love it! Again, thank you so much for all your help and advice. I appreciate it tremendously. You are amazing!"

   — N. A.

Bucknell University
"I am writing to inform you that I have accepted a new job, and I started work in my new position today! Thank you again for your prep with my resume and interview readiness. You were of great assistance."

   — C. M.

Texas A&M University
"My resume looks amazing. I really appreciate all of your help. It sets me up to get great jobs in the future."
   — A. S.

Dickinson College
"Thanks Anne! I really like the resume and think it looks great."

   — G. H.

Miami University
"It's amazing how much better my resume looks. Thank you for getting my job search started, and instilling confidence in me! You have been unbelievably helpful, and I am very lucky to have worked with you. I will keep you in the loop about my job search progress."

   — J. L.


Miami University & Wake Forest University
"Anne is a great listener. She was able to help both my daughters identify their skills, define both long-term and short-term career goals, then position those two together in a clear, concise and meaningful way. I believe her patience and advice was invaluable in helping them both."
   — L. I. 

Ohio State University
"I cannot thank Anne enough for helping my son write his first professional resume. All of his leadership accomplishments were so well highlighted. She helped him create a great product, and in turn, he got a great job."
   — B. M.

College of Charleston
"Anne was tremendous in prepping my daughter for her job search in every way! She really helped boost her confidence, and made her feel so well prepared. Thank you Anne for your thoughtful expertise and advice."  
   — L. A.

University of Richmond & Southern Methodist University
"Anne delivers a high-quality product. I could not be happier with the resumes she wrote for both of my children. She was extremely insightful! I was so thankful to have her expertise and guidance in the job search process."
   — J. K.

New York University
"Anne used her enthusiastic attitude and expert advice to help my daughter prepare for career opportunities. She has a true passion for helping students reach their goals."
   — H. K.

Bowdoin College
"Anne did a fantastic job with my son’s resume - again! She was able to make all of the necessary edits and updates as he transitioned from high school to college. Anne had the unique ability to help my son emphasize the highlights of so many of his experiences. I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to fit everything onto one page, but she did!"
   — A. V.

University of Virginia
"I would highly recommend Anne for your resume writing needs. I was amazed to have such a great final product in such a short time."
   — L. G.

University of Virginia
"Thanks for the hard work and for the quick turnaround. I saw a draft and it looked fabulous. You dispense magic!"
   — S. T.

Harvard University
"When my son asked someone in the career services office at the University of Chicago Business School (Booth) to look at the resume for suggestions, she said it was exactly what he should be sending out and the format was great."
   — R. B.

University of Virginia
"Our son is beyond excited to be going to UVA. He could not have made it through this process without your help. We are truly blessed to have great friends and know people who care about our children and take the time to guide us." 
   — J. S. 

University of Virginia
"Thank you so much for the letter revision. You have been such a wonderful source!" 
   — J. S. 

University of Notre Dame
"The resumes are awesome! You're very good at this! Thank you!"
   — P. C.

University of Chicago
"You're the best mentor, advisor, encourager, and many more adjectives. Thank you! I have been raving about you all over town."
   — E. W.    

University of California, Davis
"Thanks Anne! You are a pleasure to work with."
   — L. S.  

High School 
 "You are amazing!! My daughter is so happy and grateful for your resume help. She thinks the wording and layout is great. Her resumes are so clean and professional! This is so wonderful. I'm literally so thrilled. I'm obsessed with the quality of your formatting! I feel like my daughter is getting pulled in a million directions, and your help has been a calming force!! Thank you!!”
   — T. D. 

Elon University
 ”My daughter got into Elon and accepted !! And was awarded a scholarship and a grant!
I can’t thank you enough for the professional resume you designed. It truly put her accomplishments in the best “light”! Thank you, Anne! P.S. At every college presentations at her high school, she went up to the admissions representative and introduced herself, and handed him or her one of her resumes. (No one else did.) Many told her they are quite impressed!!!" 

   — M. N.

Culinary Institute of America
”These resumes look terrific! On the margin, I prefer the slightly less traditional view (shocking for me)!"
   — S. T.

Syracuse University
 ”We have been very fortunate to have your help. The days I spent researching a consultant to assist my son whith his job search venture, I could not have imagined how lucky I would be to stumble onto someone as professional, committed, and experienced as yourself and your team. Thank you so much for all your help. We are so pleased with how the resumes and letters came out. My son now has the tools for moving forward with his job search. Many thanks for all your support! Thank you for your time and patience working with us."
   — N. C. 

George Washington University
”Thank you SO much Anne. I really appreciate you taking care of my daughter! She is thrilled with here new resume. You are amazing!" Love your specialty and expertise!"
   — J. N.   

Sarah Lawrence University
”Thank you for all your help. You did a great job on our daughter's resume, but even more impressive was how much you cared about trying to help her with her job search.”
   — M. K.

New York University
”Returning to work after raising children can be intimidating and Anne made the daunting task of writing a resume effortless. I enjoyed working with her and the end result was something I am very proud of sending out. I highly recommend her for anyone returning to the workforce or just starting a career."
   — L. J.   

Dickinson College
”Thank you so much for this resume Anne! It looks fantastic! Huge improvement from the original.”
   — C. H.   

Why do people need help writing resumes?


They can't "right good"
They can't "type
They don't know how to tell their unique story


They only get one chance to make an excellent first impression!